Adaptive Learning and Leadership for Challenging Times

Helping individuals, teams and organizations build adaptive capacity.

Bigger Game Better World provides coaching, facilitation and consulting to help you:

  • become more adaptive and innovative in your leadership and organizational learning,
  • engage and actualize your latent customer and employee potential, and
  • create more sustainable outcomes, growth and profitability.

We offer two primary programs:

Leading from Power and Love

Summary: A six month coaching program for new and emerging entrepreneurs and leaders with a mission to make a difference.

Go beyond the tyranny of a power OR love based approach to leading your life and others. Leading from Power and Love offers you an integrated leadership approach that goes beyond the dichotomy of masculine or feminine, head or heart, command and control or consensus and collaboration, showing you how to live, create, lead and get results from the sweet spot at the centre.

This intensive coaching program will teach you how to:

  • access your unconditional power through body-mind-heart-spirit coherence
  • use co-creative intelligence to take your life and leadership to a whole new level
  • and inspire those you love and lead to do the same

Awakening the Co-creative

Summary: Low carbon footprint facilitation of online dialogue and remote team/whole system organizational learning and development.

The old proposition of power and profit over people and planet is reaching the limits of its effectiveness and the height of its collateral damage. Awakening the co-creative takes teams and whole organizations beyond the limits of either-or thinking to the heart of the and.

Our organizational learning and facilitation services help you:

  • become more integral in your leadership and culture
  • create more sustainable relationships with profit, people and the planet
  • develop a co-creative advantage that makes your whole organization more adaptable in the long run


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About the Book

An OpenBook for mission-driven leaders.

Starting with the ‘assumption’ of human beings as whole, wealthy and wise, Audacious Leadership offers mission-driven leaders an integral, rather than deficiency-based approach to developing more of the good within us so that we might make a greater contribution to the world around us.

Some of our Facilitation Clients...

From the Blog...

The Paradox of Playing Small

Do you remember that line from Marianne Williamson’s famous piece, where she says that you’re playing small doesn’t serve the world? Have you stopped to think about what that really means in your day-to-day life?

When you play small, you unconsciously withhold your gifts from the world because you fear that who you truly are is somehow wrong, inappropriate, inadequate or unacceptable. Core fears such as fear of rejection, abandonment, embarrassment, failure, etc keep you from playing a bigger game. Over time your fear hardens into beliefs and limits that feel real and perhaps even unchangeable. I can’t do X because I am Y. I can never have A because I am B.

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B.C. Education needs Relational Reform: Power with vs Power over

The current full-scale teachers’ strike in B.C. demonstrates the downside of one-upmanship. It’s a great reminder of just how quickly things can fall apart when we resort to a “power over” rather than “power with” approach to negotiating on behalf of the common good. The B.C. Education system is made up of learners, parents, teachers, support staff, unions, administration, government and taxpayers. All equally important to the ecosystem. And right now, nobody seems to be getting what they want.

When parties, with what appear to be competing interests, square off around the bargaining table–grabbing for whatever tool they can find to wield power over the other along the way–the situation can quickly spiral downward, taking whatever modicum of trust and respect each party might have previously held for the others, with it.

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Seeking Audacious Leadership for Sustainable Education

What are B.C. kids really learning in the absence of audacious leadership and a sustainable education system?

The BC Teachers Federation (the union) and the B.C. Ministry of Education are once again locked in a battle over class size, class composition (typical leaners vs. learners with special needs), per-student funding, and teacher pay. As BCEd (the ministry) locks out the teachers during non-teaching hours and threatens to cut their pay, and the BCTF (union) digs in for a full-scale walk out despite the fact that they don’t have enough funds to pay teachers strike pay, the two sides appear to be further apart than ever.

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